The World's First Smart Companion Robot For Cats

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Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend

I absolutely adore this product! It boasts an integrated 360-degree camera and interactive laser features. The camera's ability to move up and down provides a comprehensive view of my cat's activities, ensuring that no precious moment is missed. What's more, it generates a one-minute video montage at the end of each day. This not only offers a delightful recap of my cat's day but also serves as a heartwarming keepsake.
The interactive laser feature allows me to engage with my cat even when I'm not at home, and I can also communicate with him remotely. The dispenser's sensors can identify when my cat is active, eating, or resting, automatically recording these moments.
Overall, I am truly satisfied and highly recommend this product!

Dear Karen, thank you for sharing your positive experience with O Sitter! We're thrilled to provide you and your cat with peace of mind and enjoyable interactions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're delighted to hear that you're enjoying the O Sitter.

Amazing product

I recently set up the O Sitter, taking under 10 minutes, thanks to the user-friendly app. The interface is charming.
The eco-friendly packaging with minimal plastic is a nice touch, and the cardboard boxes double as a cat house.
While I've been enjoying the app at home, checking the live feed and setting feeding routines, I'm excited to use it when I'm away. It provides peace of mind knowing I can monitor and interact with my cats remotely.

Dear Ava, we're delighted to hear that setting up O Sitter was a breeze and that you appreciate our user-friendly app and eco-friendly packaging. It's great to know you're looking forward to using it remotely for peace of mind. Thank you for choosing O Sitter to keep an eye on your cats!

Sarah H
Game changer for cats care

I already had an auto feeder, but getting the O Sitter was a significant upgrade. What I love the most is the perfect combination of the 360 camera and laser feature.
The built-in camera allows me to keep an eye on my cat no matter where I am, providing me with peace of mind knowing that he's safe, happy, and entertained. The AI dynamic recording captures precious moments and offers an unparalleled view of my cat's daily activities. Whether he's napping, playing, or just being his quirky self, I never miss a moment, and that's truly priceless.
I also appreciate the option to dispense treats remotely C it's like I'm rewarding my cat even when I can't be there in person. The interactive laser pointer is another fantastic feature that keeps my cat engaged and entertained during his playful moments.
Setting up the O Sitter was a breeze. The intuitive app guided me through the entire process, and I had it up and running in no time. If you're looking for a way to pamper your cat and stay closely connected, investing in this product is a decision you won't regret.

Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your wonderful and detailed feedback! We're delighted to hear your positive feedback and that you're loving the 360 camera and laser feature. Your cat's well-being is important to us. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch products for you and your furry friend!

Olivia Kim
This product is incredibly cool!

It provides an excellent means to stay connected with and engage your cat when you're not at home. Setting it up is a breeze, and the shipping box even transforms into a cute little house! With features like cat tracking, video recording, and a built-in laser for playtime, it's both fun and entertaining.

Dear Olivia, thank you for your feedback! We're glad you're enjoying O Sitter's features, and we hope it continues to provide great experiences for you and your cat.

Michael Smith

Since acquiring O Sitter, I no longer need to rise early in the morning to feed my cat or leave food out at night for free-feeding. The scheduled feeding times have established a consistent routine for my cat's meals. The camera feature is also a favorite of mine, as it enables me to keep tabs on my cat's activities. I genuinely adore this device.

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your positive experience with O Sitter! Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we're delighted to know it's made life better for you and your cat.