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Common Problems and Solutions

The automatic function of this product applies to cats over 6 months old and weighing more than 1kg. If the cat's weight or age does not meet the requirements, do not use the automatic excrement removal function. You can choose to turn on the device in the Do Not Disturb mode for 24 hours and manually turn on the excrement removal function.

You can place the device next to the old litter box for a certain period and pour some of the old, used cat litter containing the cat's scent into the new litter box. A familiar scent will help your cat to adapt faster.

If a cat enters the ball bin when it rotates, the monitoring sensor will be triggered immediately, the ball will stop rotating immediately, and the device will continue to operate after the cat leaves the ball for a period of time. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the cat will enter the running ball.

This product supports most agglomerated cat litter

(Tofu sand, mixed sand, etc.)

Do not use non-agglomerated or poorly agglomerated sand (crystal sand, wood-based sand, etc.)

It is recommended to add about 4L of the cat litter for the first time. Do not exceed the MAX sand level line. Excess sand will be filtered into the cat feces container during the operation.

It can be determined according to the specific use situation.
It's recommended to supplement cat litter when the remaining half of the cat li

It can be determined according to the specific use situation (factors such as the number of cats).
It is recommended to replace once every 3~5 days in the case of the use of only one cat (the frequency needs to be increased in hot weather).

It can be determined according to the specific use conditions (number of cats or defecation status of cats, etc.) it's recommended to wash once every 1~3 months if it is possible.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Cleaning Instruction

Q1:Remove residual litter

Double click the host button (or click the "shovel" button on the app) to start the sand dumping function(Too much residual sand may trigger the prompt that the ball bin is full. Shaking the ball bin can reduce the risk of cat litter scattering).

Q2:Disassembly and Cleaning

Take off the cat feces container, take off the cover, open the ball scribe and take off the ball bin.

Q3:Dry and Assemble

After the cleansing is completed and the machine is dried, install the ball bin, cover, and cat feces container back in turn. If the red-light flashes after the installation are powered on, check whether the cover is installed in place.

Quick Troubleshooting

Try to readjust the position of the cover.

The machine senses the entry of objects and starts the pause program. After the delay, it will resume operation, (when the agglomeration is too large or the rolling speed is too fast, it may also trigger the stop of the working process).

Check whether the feces container is full.

If the amount of residual sand is too large, resulting in the feces container full, shake the cat feces container back and forth to smooth the residual sand or shovel it twice(It needs to be started manually after stopping, so there is no need to worry about shovelling the remaining cat litter automatically).

HHOLOVE Smart Feeder
HHOLOVE Smart Feeder Wi-Fi Plus Support

Quick Troubleshooting

01 Device Offline

1. Please confirm whether the power supply of the device is normal.
2. Please confirm whether the router connected to the device is working normally, and whether the network is normal.
3. Please confirm whether the name of the router has been modified, you can try to reset the Wi-Fi.
4. Please confirm whether the router is too far away, a partition wall, or other obstructions.

02 Bluetooth Connection Failure

1. Please confirm whether the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone has been turned on.
2. Please confirm whether the mobile phone and the device are kept within 1 meter.
3. Please confirm whether the current device has been connected by others, if so, Please long press the device feed key to reset the network configuration.

03 Wi-Fi Connection Failure

1. Please confirm whether the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly.2. The cable is not plugged in or the cable is damaged, you can check by whether the light is displayed normally.3. Please confirm whether the device is connected to 2.4G Network.4. Please confirm whether the operation is in accordance with the network distribution process.5. Please confirm whether the router is powered on. There will be an indicator light after it is powered on.(Currently, we do not support Wi-Fi which requires special authentication, such as hotels, airports)

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