Cat feeding ②-How feeding can be an issue

If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, a balanced diet is essential. Cats are relatively picky about their diet, so they need to be careful about food selection. After choosing the right cat food and following the three principles of feeding, we need to pay attention to the common problems during feeding and what cats should not eat to ensure their health.

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Feeding process of common problems

A common problem in the cat feeding process is what to do if your cat loses its appetite. If your cat doesn't want to eat much or doesn't repeat meals, then this is the time for you as the owner to take charge. You need to be innovative and process the food to make it look more attractive.

The first way is to mix it with wet food. We have introduced three types of cat food, dry food, wet food, and semi-wet food. The latter two are generally more popular with cats, dry food tastes worse compared to wet food, so you can put some wet food on top of the dry food, it will be more appetizing.

The second way is to buy some fish fillets, note that you can't feed them directly to cats because of their high phosphorous content. They are only used to increase the flavor of food, you can put the fish fillets into the kind of filter tea bags we drink coffee or tea from, put them in the cat food container. The cat food will have the fragrance of fish fillets which will more delicious.

If your cat has a loss of appetite or refuses to eat, it is a possibility that the cat has a problem with its teeth or gums, or it may have pancreatitis, a foreign body in its mouth, or an infectious disease. In this case, you need to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible and seek medical attention.

In addition to the loss of appetite, some cats may also encounter the problem of gluttony. The cat gets full easily, if it is very gluttonous that is the owner's fault. Some owners like to feed their cats a little food when they eat or regularly give the cat some snacks. Some owners will notice that their cat does not like to move, so they feed it food to pass the time, then over time, these cats become lazy. Once your cat is like this, it will be more reluctant to move. So is there a solution?

The only solution is dieting. The process will be difficult, but it is worth it just like for humans. First of all, eliminate high-calorie foods and snacks. If you have more than one cat at home, you need to feed them separately to prevent them from eating different portions.

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What cats can not eat

Some foods that cat owners should not feed their kitties.

1. Cats can't eat the meals we humans eat, but many cat owners can't resist feeding their food to the cats. This behavior should never happen. Because this will destroy the balance of the cat's diet which may cause health problems. The second is that there are some things that humans can eat that cats can't eat, so this is a habit you should quit. So what specifically can't cats eat? They can't eat things like onions, leeks, garlic, and other vegetables. These foods will destroy their red blood cells, they can also cause anemia or blood in the urine of cats.

2. Raw fish or meat is not good. Raw meat can hinder the function of calcium, cause vitamin B1 deficiency, and some raw fish can also cause a variety of diseases. In particular, cats should not eat pork because it may transmit the Ojeski virus, which can only die when heated to over 60 degrees Celsius. It is important to remember these details when feeding cats meat.

3. Dried wood fish, small fish, and other things do not work. As we said before, the phosphorus content of dried wood fish is high, direct feeding may lead to urinary stones, and the salt content of dried food is too high to feed cats.

4. Snacks such as chocolate may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even poisoning in cats.

5. Milk and alcohol. Some cats may be lactose intolerant and alcohol can trigger diarrhea.

6. Squid, octopus, or shellfish. These foods will prevent cats from absorbing vitamin B1, which can cause poisoning. Such foods shouldn't be in the diet, cooked or raw.


I hope for the health and happiness of everyone's kittens.