How to brushing a cat's teeth

Families which have cats and whose staple food is mainly dry know very well that that kind of food doesn’t stop the swelling and inflammation of the cat’s gums. This is why the cat’s dental care is absolutely important.

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I.Even cats who only eat dry food still need to brush their teeth


If you just think about human dental hygiene, you will see that everyone should be paying more attention. If humans only eat hard foods, they don't need to brush their teeth? I believe no dentist would give such advic The same goes for cats whether they eat dry or soft food. The problem is that some cat owners are too lazy to clean their cat’s teeth and give themselves excuses over and over again. Though brushing the cat’s teeth is not easy, it shouldn’t be ignored. Feeding dry food does help your cat's dental health, and there is no research to prove that it reduces the chances of getting dental disease. The cat can swallow small, crunchy dry food or it breaks down too quickly to be able to provide very useful friction on all of the cat's teeth. The conclusion is predictably that dry food does not clean a cat's teeth.

2.What happens to a cat that does not brush its teeth?

When cat’s teeth are not cleaned regularly, they may have plaque, tartar, or develop an infection. Just like humans, the cat’s teeth can have food residue on the lips and teeth after eating and can form plaque. The normal plaque can be eliminated by cleaning with a toothbrush which is why brushing your cat's teeth is a must. For cats whose teeth are not cleaned for a long time, plaque calcifies and becomes tartar or calculus. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing; it can only be removed by going to the vet for a dental cleaning same as dental calculus. A typical minor procedure to clean a cat's teeth costs from $1000 to $2000 and involves general anesthesia. If it’s a small problem that turned into a big problem because of delay and neglect, the importance of brushing your cat's teeth speaks for itself.

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II.The steps to brush your cat's teeth

1.Should develop these good habits from childhood.

Small kittens are more likely to accept new things. When kittens get used to dental cleaning, they will not be overly emotional when they grow up because they are already used to it. Familiarity can eliminate the fear of adult cats. For cats, there is nothing more frightening than teasing around in the mouth with some strange things. Adult cats who brush their teeth for the first time can be surprisingly aggressive if they feel scared. I believe that most pooper scoopers, after the first attempt, will be defeated and scared, and will not get it next time.

2.Make steps for brushing the adult cat's teeth for the first time.

Start by touching the cat's mouth and try to massage it, if the cat does not resist, reward it with a small snack; if the cat resists, let go immediately and try again the next day. Persist for a longer period of time and wait until the cat does not resist for a few consecutive days before proceeding to the next step. After the cat is not nervous, you can first use your hand, dip it in a little cat toothpaste and gently swab the cat's teeth, do this cleaning the inside of the mouth, move gently to prevent scratching, and clean each tooth carefully and thoroughly.

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III.Choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste for cats Toothbrush for cats:

● Finger cleaning set: used to get cats used to brushing their teeth. You can use bristles which are relatively soft or plastic products.

● Toothbrush large brush head: to clean the front teeth and other conspicuous parts, you need to pay attention to the size. If you have observed your cat's teeth, they are surprisingly small, especially for petite cats. A big brush head can easily bring discomfort to your cat. When choosing a toothbrush product, you can compare it with your own cat's mouth to make sure the brush head is the right size.

● Toothbrush small brush head: clean the inside of the mouth, back teeth, etc. When cleaning the inside of the mouth, move gently to prevent scratching, and clean each tooth carefully and thoroughly. Toothpaste for cats: A good toothpaste for cats should have the following characteristics.

● Easy to use: Just choose a common type of toothpaste that has been tested in the market and can be trusted.

● High safety factor: first of all, you can’t use human toothpaste, cats are very resistant to the mint flavor; you can choose the big brands of products, such as Japan's mind up, France's Vic, the United States petsmile, Germany's special Swiss, etc.

● Better with enzyme formula: Enzyme complex can help inhibit plaque formation and reduce calculus.

● Cat's favorite flavor: Cats like things with flavor, so if your cat resists brushing, try a different flavor of toothpaste.