How to pick an automatic cat feeder

During the holidays, cat owners are both happy and worried. They are happy because they get to go on vacations and have family gatherings but they are worried because they have to leave the cats at home. In this case, it’s best to leave the pets in someone’s care but most people just use temporary foster care.
Setting aside the high costs, the fur children are usually spoiled at home and will not adapt to the unfamiliar environment. After all, only the cat owners understand their cat’s feelings.

Fortunately, resourceful modern people have invented the automatic cat feeder, so that it may be more efficient to provide the three meals a day for the cat. Simply put, the automatic cat feeder exists to ease our usual business trips, travel, overtime, holiday, sleep, and other circumstances, to feed the pet automatically. This device helps to develop regular healthy eating habits for the pet especially when the owners are too busy.

Is the automatic cat feeder really useful? Is it suitable for us? What are the precautions?

Product introduction

1. The role of the automatic cat feeder.

1) The most important role is to replace manual automatic feeding.
When we are working on a 996 schedule, or like to occasionally take a small trip out of town, the automatic feeder can replace us to feed our pets. And on weekends, as long as the automatic feeding is set up in advance, you no longer have to get up early to feed your cat.

2) It can help cats to develop healthy eating habits.
For pets, small portions of food are more suitable. Cats are more clear about the portions they can handle but it’s not the same for dogs, If you keep feeding it, it will keep eating.
The automatic cat feeder will follow your settings and put food at regular intervals to help pets develop more regular eating habits. It helps to control the weight of the fur children and protect their intestines.

3) Can reduce the spread of smell
Sometimes when we feed the cats, there are some leftovers in the bowls which can spread the smell all over the house. But with the automatic cat feeder, the amount of food is more accurate, so that the cat or dog eats enough food and there are no leftovers.

2. The disadvantages of automatic cat feeders.

1) Although in the eyes of the cat, we are also "automatic cat feeders" of a kind, after all, eating is an interactive process. The automatic cat feeder itself is a machine without temperature, so for cats, the process of eating might always be lonely.

2) Automatic cat feeders can directly affect your pet's feeding if they malfunction, so be sure to choose a high-quality feeder. I also do not recommend relying on feeding machines for a long time.
For example, if you go out for more than ten days or half a month, you can leave a feeder there and leave the cat alone. Since you have a pet, you have to fulfill the obligations of a pooper scooper and take good care of them.

3) If we rely too much on automatic cat feeders, it will reduce the opportunity for us to communicate with our pets. All things have a soul, and so do cats and dogs.
Every time we feed our cats, it is an opportunity to exchange feelings, cats gradually feel closer to us and we become a family.
Therefore, the automatic cat feeder can be used, but spending time with the cats is essential. Otherwise, one day in the future, our cats might not recognize us and it will be embarrassing.

The automatic cat feeder applies to scenes and people.

In general, the automatic feeder is suitable for the following 3 scenarios.

1. Life: various reasons for inconvenient to feeding the pet promptly.

For example regular overtime, social engagements, long working hours, frequent business trips, or travel, the need to return home during the New Year holidays.
However, the best use of an automatic cat feeder scenario is short-term travel (within 7 days), for long-term travel, is recommended to choose temporary fostering. It is not recommended to use the automatic cat feeder if the young pet is less than 3 months old.

2. How much they eat.

First of all, most dogs have no restraint on food, because the feeling of fullness in the stomach is transmitted to the brain more slowly, especially for puppies, there is no moderation in eating. Pet owners should be able to judge these situations like buy paying close attention.

3. Want to feel the "force" and efficiency improvement brought by some smart pet devices.

For example, each time you manually feed your cat, you have to weigh it, which is troublesome. It's harder on weekends when you want to sleep in. Both manual feeding and automatic feeding machines can be used alternately, which can help people to live easier lives.

Criteria to select automatic cat feeders.

1. The ability of the food to match.

In the selection of automatic cat feeders, it is easy to fall into a misconception that the larger the capacity, the better.
Generally speaking, the capacity should be at least 5 days to ensure the amount of food for the fur child, but a larger food capacity is not the best. Choosing a capacity that is too small may make your fur child hungry. A large capacity is likely to cause things to go to waste, contamination, etc. Since different cat breeds and sizes are different, it is best to choose a food capacity that matches the amount of food your pet eats.

2. Pay attention to the design of the feeder.

There are 2 types of mainstream feeders on the market today, respectively: square and cylindrical.
There are 3 main points to note here.

1) If you have a dog at home, then you should choose a square feeder because dogs naturally like to chew round objects. To prevent the feeder from being used as a toy, it is recommended to choose a square.

2) To prevent the feeder from being pushed down by the pet and getting lost, it is recommended to choose a style with a lower center of gravity, more solid.

3) Since pets may chew the feeder from time to time, it is recommended to choose FDA food-grade body material.

3. The higher the precision, the better.

Generally speaking, for cats, dogs, and other pets, the best eating habits are small meals. Develop these habits early on when the pets are still young for better growth. It’s not recommended to use feeders for very young pets.

4.The best choice of the dual power supply system.

A dual power supply system means that it can be connected to the power supply and can have power by installing ordinary batteries. This also allows the feeder to work properly in cases of power shortages and the fur babies don’t go hungry.

5. Remote to know the pet situation.

I believe that every pooper scooper has this experience, as long as the fur kids are not around them, they will be thinking about them. Worry about whether they ate, slept, etc like a very worried mother.
At present, many smart automatic cat feeders have been equipped with the function of remote control through the cell phone APP.
And through the video to see the actual situation of the fur child in time, and even remotely with the pet "voice dialogue". If conditions allow, try to choose a feeder with "a remote network" function, which is equivalent to safety insurance for pets but also to make you feel more at ease.

Product recommendation

Automatic cat feeder basic type: Timing and dosing, dual power supply system.

Automatic cat feeder wifi type: Timing and dosing, dual power supply system with an intelligent app system. You can remotely operate the app to control feeding, and use voice recording when the cat is eating to make a sound to tell the cat it’s time to eat.


The moment we pick up our pet pups, we have additional responsibilities and obligations to take good care of them. The best tools are ultimately auxiliary because they are cold, the only long-term companionship to have.

Automatic cat feeder video type: Timed and quantitative, dual power supply system. The wifi type has an added HD CAMERA to let you see the situation of the cat anytime, anywhere.