What happens when a cat has trouble defecating?

The health of cats can often be judged by feces. There are also many hidden dangers behind the abnormal defecation of cats.

First of all, if the cat refuses to urinate in the litter basin, there must be a reason. You can judge from the appearance and state of the cat, and adjust and improve the environment for the cat to go to the toilet.

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Cats can't use litter pots normally because of these conditions:

First: Feeling pressured.
If you put the cat toilet in the porch and other places where people come and go, the cat may not go to the toilet normally due to pressure. Some cats can’t use the litter basin if there are people. Therefore, I suggest that you install the cat toilet in a remote corner or in a quiet environment such as the bathroom, so as to give the cat a relaxed and pressure-free toilet environment.


Second: If the cats defecates everywhere may be due to the litter basin.
The litter basin is dirty, too big and uncomfortable, so the cat will not like the smell in it, and will defecate everywhere. Therefore, you should clean the litter basin in time. At the same time, pay attention to what we said earlier that the cat does not like change, and the position of the litter basin should not be changed suddenly, which may also cause discomfort to the cat.

Third: The cat may be ill if it doesn’t use the litter basin normally.
Because the cat comes from the desert and doesn't drink much water, the rectum will further absorb the water in the feces but under normal circumstances, the cat's stool is short and hard. If there is soft stool or diarrhea, your cat is probably sick, which may also make unable to use the litter basin normally. Through the shape, color and nature of the feces, you can always know the physical condition of your cat. You should find the signal released by the cat's defecation in time and take the cat to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

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Cats may also have difficulty defecating:

If the cat eats too much meat for a long time, the feces are bigger and heavier, because the meat is difficult to digest, and the fat is high and greasy. Eating too much will not only make the smell intense, but also lead to difficulty in going to the toilet.You may find that your cat has been running towards the litter basin, but when you want to clean the litter basin, you find that there is no stool or litter urine mass. Your cat can also feel pain when going to the toilet, squats for a long time, but you can't see urination or defecation. If the cat often walks around crying, licking his ass, loss of appetite and vomiting, your cat may have constipation. You should take her to the hospital immediately.

There are many kinds of constipation in cats. The more common reason is that they eat too much and food accumulates in their intestines. The intestinal peristalsis is too slow to digest so much food, so they are constipated.
Another reason is that cats eat too greasy. Ordinarily, some cats like to cry and beg for food. The cat owner may not have the heart to feed the cat with meat and other food on the table. As we said earlier, these foods should not be fed to the cat. They are too greasy and salty, which will cause too much pressure on the cat's internal organs and easily cause the cat to vomit and constipation.
Apart from the constipation of cats caused by food, another common situation is caused by trichoglobosis. Maoqiu disease is a chronic disease. When a cat licks its hair, it swallows and accumulates too much to form maoqiu, blocking the cat's intestines and stomach and causing constipation. If the hair ball cannot be discharged all the time, and the cat has no appetite to eat and vomit, it will be dehydrated in the later stage, and organ failure will endanger life. In serious cases, it is necessary to take out the hair ball by enema or surgery. This kind of constipation caused by hairball disease, I suggest you give the cat hair cream to eat, or eat some cat grass to improve the intestines and help the cat discharge the hairballs.

In any case, when your cat has difficulty defecating, the best way is to go to the pet hospital to see a doctor in time, because there may be some health problems behind constipation. Seek the help of a doctor in time to ensure healthy growth for your cat.