The World's First Smart Companion Robot For Cats

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  • 📱 User-friendly App and Stylish Design: The HHOLOVE app of automatic cat feeder is incredibly user-friendly. You can set up feeding schedules and monitor cat's activities right from your phone. It's perfect for ensuring your pet stays healthy and well-fed, even when you are not home.
  • 🎥 1080P HD High-quality Camera: The camera quality of this cat feeder is superb! The 360° + 110° rotating view ensures you don't miss a thing. It's like being in the room with your cat, even when you are miles away. The night vision feature is a fantastic addition, allowing you to check in on your pet after dark.
  • 🐾 24H AI Life Recording: This feature is revolutionary. It's like having a pet vlog, capturing all the cute and funny moments throughout the day. You can even download and share these highlights with just a click.
  • 🗨️ Interactive Companion and voice interaction: The two-way audio of this pet feeder is crystal clear. You are able to call your cat over and interact in real-time. It's comforting for both of you and adds an extra layer of connection that most feeders don't offer.
  • 🍲 Reliable feeding with no jamming: This automatic feeder personalized feeding schedule is a lifesaver. You can tailor it to you cat's specific nutritional needs, making sure she's not over or underfed. The no jamming and shortage notice functions, which provide peace of mind that your cat will never go hungry due to a malfunction.
  • 🔋 Dual Power Supply: The backup battery option of this cat feeder dispenser gives you peace of mind. Even in a power outage, you cat won't miss a meal.
  • 🔔 Smart Notifications: 1080P HD video auto-captures the pet eating and automatically stores the video on the cloud storage(which is free for one year). The timely alerts for low food levels, battery status, and any other issues will keep you in the loop and ensures everything runs smoothly.
  • 🛠️ Easy Setup: The 4-step setup was a breeze. - 1)Attach the anti- collaspe bracket to the product and pull out the food bowl; 2) plug the power adapter into a power outlet;3) Download the HHOLOVE app 4) Connect to your home WiFi. Register an account and verify your email and then you can start your happy journey.You can set it up and run in no time, and the anti-collapse bracket adds an extra layer of security.


Alaways Keep Your Furball in sight

Stay in the loop with Auto Cat Tracking, ensuring you never miss your cat's adventures. Effortlessly monitor their every move in a 360° view with the user-friendly HHOLOVE app.

Stay Connected When You're Away

Engage in a conversation with your furry friend using 2-Way Audio, tease them with laser features, letting them know you miss them as much as they miss you. Our customized feeding plans provide peace of mind, ensuring they're well-fed even when you're out working or away.

Engage Cat with Interactive Laser

O Sitter features a safe and versatile laser designed to keep your cat active and in good health. You can control it through the HHOLOVE App, selecting from automatic or manual play modes. Capture your cat's attention with various motion tracks, or enjoy remote playtime by simply tapping the screen.

Real-Time Connection to Your Cat

Enjoy the comfort of two-way HD video calls with noise reduction, giving owners the peace of mind they deserve. O Sitter's technology lets owners interact with their cats remotely, alleviating their pet's anxiety and loneliness by hearing their voice.

No More Hunger Worries

O Sitter's intelligent feeding system provides personalized plans for different scenarios, including growth, weight management, and pregnancy. Featuring a generous 2.5L food container, it automatically dispenses food according to your customized plan, making cat care a breeze.

O Sitter Fans Say

Customer Reviews

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Hilary Cook
He loves O Sitter more, lol.

The product is great and exactly what I was looking for. Was pretty easy to set up- love it!

Hi Hilary, thank you for your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that your pet loves the O Sitter and that it was easy for you to set up. We're delighted to provide exactly what you were looking for. Enjoy!

Daniel M
Cat sitter

We love this Sitter, use it to lose weight, works rly well. My cat loves the laser and being able to hear my voice.

Hi Daniel! Thank you for sharing your experience! We're thrilled to hear that Sitter has been such a hit for both you and your cat. It's fantastic that you're finding success in using it to support your weight loss journey. Keep up the great work, and give your furry friend some extra laser fun from us!

I recommend it.

After receiving a device that did not work, the customer services was quite responsive and sent me another device within a week. My cat really likes O SITTER and he quickly got used to it. The device works well and programmable meals are delivered at the precise time. No more forgetting to feed your pet. I recommend this device.

Hello Cojande, we're delighted to hear that you had a positive experience with our customer service and that your cat enjoys the O SITTER! We're glad we could swiftly resolve the issue for you and that the device is working well, providing convenient and timely meals for your pet. Thank you for recommending our product!

Luke Beat
O sitter

Love the 3rd replacement I got works how it’s supposed to overall love it

Hi Luke, we're thrilled to hear that the third replacement is working as intended! Thank you for your patience and support. Enjoy using O Sitter!

It's great!

The product is very easy to use. You can see the cat's daily activities when you are not at home, and you can also record the daily life of your furry child.

Hello Burkhart! Your satisfaction is our priority. Thank you for your kind words.